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winter flowering shrubs

Plants used for winter displays can add a pleasant new level to your garden during the colder months.

winter flowering shrubs
Winter flowering Shrubs
When positioned in strategic places, winter flowering plants can add a focal point during the season and enhance the views from indoors, when we tend to spend more time during the Winter months.

Winter flowering plants can be very fragrant, and support wild life when other plants are dormant.

In late Autumn to early winter is the best time to assess your garden and decide where some specimens can be added to ensure the garden can be enjoyed from inside and outside.

Plants that can be used for scent in winter:

  • Mahonias
  • Viburnum farreri
  • Honeysuckle Lonicera fragrantissima
  • Witch razels Hamamelis
  • Wintersweet Chimonanthus

Plants that can be used for colour in winter:

  • Variegated Hollies Euonymus fortunei
  • Skimmias
  • Pyracanthas
  • Heather Erica
  • Skimmia Red Robin