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stripy lawn

Our clients always admire the clean and professional lines on the lawns we maintain. Learn how we achieve the look.

stripy lawn
Our client’s lawn looking good on a cold January morning.

A well kept stripy lawn does not only look professional, but it can help detract attention from imperfections such as weeds and bare spots, or be used to draw the viewer’s attention to a focal point like a fountain, flower bed or garden sculpture.

A stripe pattern can also make lawn treatment applications and over-seeding easier, by giving definitive lines to follow.

To create a pattern, it’s all about direction. When the blades of grass are bent away from you, the grass appears lighter, as the light is reflecting off of the wider part of the blade.

When the blades of grass are bent towards you, the grass appears darker as you are looking at the tips of the blades and the shadows under the grass.

So, for a more vivid pattern, mowing at higher settings creates softer grass that bends over easily. A shorter grass blade will not bend over as far, and the pattern will not be as noticeable.

To achieve our professional look, we only use the finest, top spec mowers, operated by highly trained professionals with years of experience.

Our clean lawn striping is an excellent way to set your site apart from the competition, and have a lawn that everyone admires. Call 01202 256788 or email info@hantsanddorsetgardening.co.uk for more information and a no obligation quote.