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We provide durable, maintenance free, 100% recyclable fencing and other outdoor plastic products.

Why choose plastic fencing over wood?

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  • Life Expectancy

    Plastic View Protection Wall, in a selection of colours

    Heavy Screening Wall, in a selection of colours

    Unlike traditional fencing, plastic fences will not rot like timber and have no maintenance or treatment needs.

    Our plastic fences are guaranteed for 15 years. Sites using this product have had no problems 25 years on. The full life expectancy of the product is predicted to be 50 years.

    In comparison, hard wood (cedar, bangkirai) has an average life of 10-15 years. Untreated soft wood panels (spruce, pine, etc) have to be changed every 4-7 years.

    Although well treated and maintained wood panels can last longer, recent changes in legislation on the treatment of timber due to environmental reasons means that the lifetime of timber has been reduced even further, and treatment costs adds to the final price of the product.

  • Costs

    Plastic panels costs a fraction of the price of soft or hard wood over it’s lifetime. Installation is straight forward, as the material can be easily cut, nailed and screwed.

    Over it’s lifetime, plastic fencing costs only a fraction of the timber alternatives, as it does not rot or needs maintenance.

    picket-fenceOver it's lifetime, plastic picket fencing costs only a fraction of the timber alternatives, as it's maintenance free and does no rot

  • F.A.Q

    Do plastic fences fade overtime?
    Over the life of the material, there can be a 10% colour fading from the sun, but no other detriment from U.V. damage. Plastic fencing and recycled plastic products may vary by colour or dimension by up to 3%.

    How do plastic behave on British weather?
    Plastic fencing is weatherproof and impact resistant so it will not will not chip flake or crack. There is a temperature dependent lengh fluctuancy of up to 1.5% +/-, that is taken in consideration during installation.

    How can I dispose of the fence once it needs replacing?
    Unlike treated wood, plastic fencing is widely recyclable.

    Plastic products

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