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Have you been sick of the short days, harassed by wind, irritated with the fog and left felling dispersed about the rain? Don’t despair – Winter is nearly over. Now is the perfect time to organise your grounds maintenance services making sure everything is in tip top shape before the return of the growing season and some lovely sunny sky’s.

Spring can start on either March 1st for meteorologists or March 21st for the more traditional gardeners and farmers.

For astronomers, it begins with the vernal equinox (from the Latin meaning ‘equal light’) on March 20th, during which there are equal hours of light and darkness.

Oddly statiscts show it is more likely to snow around Easter than Christmas – snow/sleet falls on average of 3.9 days in December but 4.2 days in March. Easter, however, can sometimes fall in April, which sees an average of just 2.3 days of snow

The warmest spring ever recorded in the UK was in 2011, when the mercury hit an average of 9.2°C a day.

1962 saw the coldest UK spring since records began, with daytime temperatures struggling to hit an average maximum of a miserable 5.8°C

Umbrella manufacturers were celebrating in 1947 which, with a 331.7mm average rainfall, was the wettest spring yet experienced in this country

Though it is true that a great many plants begin releasing pollen during spring, some hardy species have already begun the process

Preparing a grounds ready for spring is a job best done early, this ensuring there is enough time to get them up to a very highest standard.

We can provide bespoke grounds maintenance services to insure we give you he very best job.

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