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Understanding the costs and prices related to each aspect of a grounds maintenance contract can help you save money and make better decisions in relation to your gardening projects.

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Pricing a grounds maintenance contract:

More than estimating how often and how long each gardening visit should be, to help understand the costs related to each task a gardener perform in a grounds maintenance contract, we used the Landscape and External Works Price Book to look at the prices of maintaining 100m2 of an average garden.

Lawn Cutting Prices

To determine a base line of rates, we look at the most economical method of maintaining a portion of garden: Mulch mowing.

Based on a average lawn size, in a frequency of 22 cuts/year, with no collection or removal of cuttings, mulch mowers insert the cuttings back into the lawn, helping keep moisture in the soil, and can be done effectively in the correct frequency, leaving the site tidy, at the same reducing costs related to time and green waste removal.

Price of grass cutting

Using mulch mowing 100m2 of grass as 1 Unit, we observe that the collection and removal of grass arisings more than doubles the price of maintaining the same ground.

Garden Bed Maintenance Prices

Maintaining garden beds to a high standard is very demanding.

There are many aspects involved in maintaining garden beds, which will add to the price of your grounds maintenance the more stablished your garden beds are:

  • Catering for each individual plant in a complex landscape at the correct time
  • Weeding
  • Creating and maintaining neat lawn edges
  • Care of soil surface
  • Leaf clearance, specially in the perimeter of mature trees

Price of maintaining a garden bed

The cost of maintaining a stablished bed is over 50x greater than mulch mowing the same area.

How to reduce the price of Grounds Maintenance?

Planting lawn and mulch mowing failed or underused beds is the most cost effective way to cut grounds maintenance costs for your site and still maintain a green space.

To maintain a high standard in your garden keeping the price down, we advise a focus point in a high maintenance front entrance with a low maintenance outer edge.

Choosing a focus point in the area where the most people can appreciate a well maintained garden bed, can add a feature into a garden without increasing maintenance prices.

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