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Our winter services include snow clearance and gritting of car parks, fire exits, footpaths, pedestrian walkways and access roads.

Snow removal

Ensuring continued site access in Winter

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Comply with new Health and Safety Executive (HSE) regulations

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How do our gritting services work:

met office forecast

Every morning at 7am, we receive our detailed weather report for the next 24 hours, which are individual for each postcode we cover, and takes in consideration things such as site exposure, proximity to sea, altitude and other conditions that can affect surface ice forming on access roads and paths.

When Road Surface Temperatures falls below 0 degrees Celsius and frost, ice and/or snow are forecast, you will receive an email notification confirming that the gritting services have been activated for the day.

Our teams uses a state of the art GPS tracking system to optimise our routes and visit every property within the 24 hours prior to the icy conditions, spreading white grit salt, which is a cleaner alternative to brown rock salt, that can damage flooring and stain carpets.

If snow removal is required prior to gritting for it to be effective, HDGS uses powerful petrol powered snow plows and blowers, ensuring all access routes to and from your property are safe and ice free.

At the end of the month, you will receive an itemised invoice, with the date and times of each visit.

Our teams work 24/7, completing over 5.000 gritting visits per season, keeping residents, visitors and staff safe over the winter months.

When do we grit?  

We use the Met Office OpenSite Premium Data forecast service, which is a postcode specific report delivered to us daily, covering a 24hr period.

It provides colour coding to the forecast to help identify hazards and aid winter gritting decisions by focusing on:

  • Road Surface Temperatures (RST’s)
  • Road State
  • Rain (for salt wash off)
  • Snow

Service will be triggered where the RST is forecast to be zero degrees or below and a pre-agreed risk threshold is breached, taking in consideration your site location

We visit each site within the next 24 hours, spreading salt in advance to prevent ice and snow build up.

Our GPS trackers and map system gives our clients detailed reports of our gritting and winter service visits.


As with everything at Hants & Dorset Gardening Services Ltd, we use professional equipments to spread the salt evenly and efficiently.

Snow Removal

Mechanical and manual clearance of snow for pedestrian access, walkways to and from buildings, car parks and fire exits. 

Gritting: The Most Efficient Way

When spreading grit, the area covered by the salt particles is more important than the quantity used for effective de-icing of paths.

This is because each pellet of salt can lower the freezing point of a certain amount of ice around it, making clumps of salt wasteful and ineffective on melting salt and snow.

Before the cold season, it is important to check if your grit bin has sufficient amount of salt and no holes that can permit water from infiltrating, which makes spreading more difficult.

The type of salt used has little effect on the de-icing effect, however, brown rock salt is mined in the UK, having a smaller carbon footprint than white salt.

White salt is made from evaporated sea water, and in the UK, 100% of white grit is imported from countries such as Spain, Italy and Egypt, where the temperature is high enough to make this process viable.

Whichever salt you choose, it should be spread evenly across your main access routes. If you know that icy conditions are forecasted, you can prevent ice and snow build up by spreading your salt in advance.

Make sure rain and traffic are not likely to remove the salt before is needed. Any snow that hits the salt pellets will immediately melt and create the brine that will prevent ice accumulation.

At Hants & Dorset Gardening Services, we use professional equipments to spread the salt evenly and efficiently. Gritting is part of our Grounds Maintenance + Plan.

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Emergency Tree Works

In extreme weather, we also offer emergency tree works. Please get in touch:

Grounds Maintenance

Gritting, salt spreading and snow removal are part of a range of services our grounds maintenance clients can enjoy. visit us on to learn more